Shoot enables you to be visible in the global marketplace
Image buyers, photo/picture editors, art buyers and the general public.
We are not an agent, Shoot simply facilitates the connection between the image buyer and the photographer.
We suggest you upload a minimum of 5 images.
600px x 600px
Yes, you can continue to upload and edit images in your personal gallery.
We would rather not publish watermarked images.
Yes, we think that it makes good business sense to be seen.
Please email us at and we will get back to you asap.
When keywording your images, include terms that describe the main content, what it's doing, where it is, what concepts it conveys in your image, and how the image is composed.
This helps image buyers find you, the more creative your are with your keywords the better chance of being discovered by image buyers
We will have hidden your image/s for good reason, you will receive an explanation via email from us.
Yes, we do use Shoot photographers images on our social media sites, unless you have opted out of social media when registering with Shoot