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A New Solution to an Old Problem.

Author: Anastasia Koroleva, Founder,
February 2014

Booking a photographer is an interesting endeavour.

Last year, when I was trying to book a photographer for a series of family photos, I set out on what I thought was going to be a simple, fun journey to find the right photographer, at the right price for the job.

Little did I know what I was letting myself in for.

The process for me, as I believe it is for other consumers and businesses alike, was far from simple, far from fun, and frustrating to the point of almost wanting to give up altogether. And this was before I'd even looked at a single photograph!

Google search pulled up results, but none that were suitable for what I wanted - the process was complicated, and felt crowded and busy.

I was looking for something very specific but Google couldn't find it. Almost at this point of abandoning all hope, an idea was born.

And that idea was

What is is a website with a singular goal:
matching the right photographer to the right job.

It is a site where professional photographers can find projects they would not otherwise have access to, where customers can find the right photographer at the right price, and where the two can communicate, organise and book everything required. It takes all the hassle out of the finding, choosing and booking process.

That's it: no fuss, no sales spiel, just a single location to see what photographers offer, and what customers need.

Shoot Website Preview
Shoot Booking
So why join, and what does it mean for you if you do?

For photographers

  • Free: We do not charge photographers. We take care of promoting the whole community through social networks, search optimisations, promotions, advertising etc. All you need to do is make sure your work stands out within the community.
  • Competition: It's a jungle out there. Instead of competing with the whole world, our members compete within the community. The competition is fair as it is based on quality of work, not connections or outspending others on marketing.
  • Stand out from the pack: is invite-only, so you won't be competing with every Joe Bloggs who's just picked up a camera for the first time. Being a member is a guaranteed sign of quality to customers.
  • Hassle-free: You don't need to worry about booking forms, e-commerce, confirming jobs etc. We'll do all the leg-work so you can focus on what's important: photography.
  • No wasted time: by being able to review job requests in full, you can make sure that if, for whatever reason, the job isn't right for you - be it location, date, time or style - you don't spend time where it's not best used.
  • Scale: jobs on don’t just come from individuals. Media companies, art galleries, entertainment organisations, auteurs and more can all post jobs on, gaining you exposure to a huge array of different jobs.
  • Security pf payments: we charge your customer when they book you and hold the money until the job is done. As long as you do good work, you can always be sure you will be paid in full.

For customers and businesses

  • We pride ourselves on the quality of our member photographers: as an invite-only community, one of the main benefits of is that we have already selected the best professional photographers and made them available for bookings.
  • Risk-free: with a roaster of quality, trustworthy photographers, you know you're free to choose whose photos you like the most with no risk of your money disappearing.
  • Find the best: each photographer is different - no one knows that better than we do. With, that diversity and individuality shines through, and you can choose the best photographer for you requirements.
  • Pay when satisfied: We will hold you money until you are happy with your photographer's work.
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How to join

Sound good?

We know that freelance photographers are under consistent pressure , so why not let us handle some of that.

Photographers looking to showcase their work and grow their business can request an invite at

Whatever you do, have a look around or join us on Twitter @shootdotcom, as we would like to hear what you think and answer any questions you may have

The Daily Mail has a feature out this week, which will give you some more background on what is and will become.

Keep on Shooting!